Fiduciary Duty

We don't just do what we say we're going to do... we put it in writing without any *asterisks, fine print, or gimmicks.

This is done using a fully transparent process with a legal and ethical obligation to place your best interests before our own.

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Second Opinion Service

For a nominal fee, "Do-It-Yourself" investors or those working with a financial professional can obtain the objective second opinion and due diligence analysis they need...not a thinly disguised sales pitch. This service is also available to CPAs or attorneys counseling their clients 

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Reduce Financial Stress

We prefer to help clients focus on realistic financial and retirement goals rather than dreams. And, by adopting an academic approach to investing, our clients stay focused on the big picture and avoid the distractions of the daily market noise and talking heads.

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Financial Planning and Investment Advice the Right Way

Celebrating 30 Years of Fiduciary Service and Doing What Others Imply

 Independent Advice

Cygnet is not owned by or obligated to any insurance or investment company, bank, or Wall Street firm. This independence and our commitment to the Fiduciary Standard of Care, combined with the long-term vision that can only be found in a multi-generational family business, allows us to truly focus on the long-term welfare of our clients.

 Transparent Planning Process

Our best client is an engaged client. While trust is important, it is critical that our clients are an active partner in the discovery and decision making process; not just a passive observer.

Each individual client is guided through the copyrighted financial planning process we call The Cygnet Process™. The Cygnet Process™ is a fully transparent, cash-flow-based approach to financial planning. Its systematic and consultative nature improves quality control, maintains objectivity in every financial plan we help people build, and removes any hint of sales pressure and elitism from the planning process.

 Prudent and Disciplined Investing

Our approach to investing is similarly straightforward and transparent. When advising clients on their investments, we follow a formal, disciplined, and gimmick-free process. By avoiding conflicts of interest, keeping costs low, and relying on Nobel-prize-winning economic theory, we help clients avoid falling victim to the emotions of fear and greed when it comes to making investment decisions.

 Non-Elitist Mission

Our mission is to provide all people regardless of age, wealth, income, education, or social status with access to high quality and objective financial advice so that they can make sound financial decisions to maximize the quality of their lifestyle now and in the future.

 Fiduciary Oath

Not only do we "do what we say we're going to do" when it comes to placing clients first, but we put it in writing. Take a moment to download a copy of Cygnet's fiduciary oath and see for yourself. Feel free to share it with your current advisor to see if they are serving you in a fiduciary capacity . . . or not.

Passive Institutional Investments

After conducting a comprehensive mutual due diligence process, Cygnet is proud to provide our individual clients with access to DFA's institutional and passively managed investment funds.


The Difference: Brokers vs. Fiduciaries


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