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Investment Management + Financial Planning

Financial Freedom House charges a blended fee for its comprehensive and ongoing financial planning and investment management services.

There is NO minimum annual fee requirement.

   Maximum Annual Fee Charged per Tier*†
TierAccount Step Values Used to Calculate Blended FeesAdvisory FeeRecordkeeping & Technology Fee
  1$0to   $49,9991.50%0.15%
  2$50,000to   $99,9991.35%0.15%
  3$100,000to   $249,9991.20%0.15%
  4$250,000to   $499,9991.00%0.15%
  5$500,000to   $999,9990.80%0.15%
  6$1,000,000to   $2,000,0000.40%0.10%
  7$2,000,000to   $3,000,0000.20%0.10%
  8$3,000,000or   more0.10%0.10%


Financial Planning Only

Our financial planning services are also available on a stand-alone basis. Hourly rates range from $90-$350*†.

The packages described below are provided for a fixed fee.

Financial Wellness Check-Up — $675*†

Over the course of two (2) meetings, clients will receive a Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ report that will provide them with a cash-flow and reality-based picture of their current and future financial situation. The Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ will be reviewed alongside a Household Expense Analysis and Spending Diary. Additional analysis will include a Household Asset Allocation Review, Preliminary Portfolio Analysis, and an Insurance Needs Analysis.
Wealth Management Strategy— $1,050*†

Over the course of three (3) meetings, clients will complete a Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ and then develop a comprehensive implementation plan and strategy. In addition to all of the services indicated above, the client will receive an in-depth asset allocation and analysis of the MPT efficiency of their current Tax Qualified portfolios (IRAs, 401(k), TSA’s) and Non-Qualified portfolios, a due diligence analysis of their current investment holdings, a proposed asset allocation using their current investments, or, in the case of a 401(k), the investment options available to them.

* This fee is waived for all individuals who are members of a client household, are participants in 401(k) plans for which Financial Freedom House serves as the investment fiduciary, or are members/employees of labor unions or other groups with which we have an established business relationship.
† A portion of this fee will be applied as a credit if Financial Freedom House is engaged to provide investment management services within 180 days after the delivery of the financial plan.


Qualified Retirement Plans

We charge a flat-dollar fee when serving as an ERISA §3(38) Plan Investment Manager or ERISA §3(21) Participant Investment Adviser. This flat-dollar fee is based on the scope and volume of services being provided and is guaranteed to remain unchanged for three years.