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There is no charge for an introductory conversation and meeting. This allows us to get an understanding of your personal situation and needs, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and determine if how you'd like us to help you plan for your future.


Investment Management + Financial Planning

Financial Freedom House charges a blended fee for its comprehensive and ongoing financial planning and investment management services.

There is NO minimum annual fee requirement.

   Maximum Annual Fee Charged per Tier*†
TierAccount Step Values Used to Calculate Blended FeesAdvisory FeeRecordkeeping & Technology Fee
  1$0to   $49,9991.50%0.15%
  2$50,000to   $99,9991.35%0.15%
  3$100,000to   $249,9991.20%0.15%
  4$250,000to   $499,9991.00%0.15%
  5$500,000to   $999,9990.80%0.15%
  6$1,000,000to   $2,000,0000.40%0.10%
  7$2,000,000to   $3,000,0000.20%0.10%
  8$3,000,000or   more0.10%0.10%


Financial Planning Only

Our financial planning services are also available on a stand-alone basis. Hourly rates range from $90-$350*†.

The packages described below are provided for a fixed fee.

Financial Wellness Check-Up — $675*†

Over the course of two (2) meetings, clients will receive a Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ report that will provide them with a cash-flow and reality-based picture of their current and future financial situation. The Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ will be reviewed alongside a Household Expense Analysis and Spending Diary. Additional analysis will include a Household Asset Allocation Review, Preliminary Portfolio Analysis, and an Insurance Needs Analysis.
Wealth Management Strategy— $1,050*†

Over the course of three (3) meetings, clients will complete a Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ and then develop a comprehensive implementation plan and strategy. In addition to all of the services indicated above, the client will receive an in-depth asset allocation and analysis of the MPT efficiency of their current Tax Qualified portfolios (IRAs, 401(k), TSA’s) and Non-Qualified portfolios, a due diligence analysis of their current investment holdings, a proposed asset allocation using their current investments, or, in the case of a 401(k), the investment options available to them.

* This fee is waived for all individuals who are members of a client household, are participants in 401(k) plans for which Financial Freedom House serves as the investment fiduciary, or are members/employees of labor unions or other groups with which we have an established business relationship.
† A portion of this fee will be applied as a credit if Financial Freedom House is engaged to provide investment management services within 180 days after the delivery of the financial plan.


Qualified Retirement Plans

We charge a flat-dollar fee when serving as an ERISA §3(38) Plan Investment Manager or ERISA §3(21) Participant Investment Adviser. This flat-dollar fee is based on the scope and volume of services being provided and is guaranteed to remain unchanged for three years.