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Financial Lifestyle Analysis

The first step in our planning process is the completion of a Financial Lifestyle Analysis℠ (“FLA℠”). This is a cash-flow-based financial planning tool we developed over 25 years ago that allows clients of all ages and levels of wealth to test the validity of their retirement and other financial goals. The FLA℠ incorporates our unique approach that balances the client’s four sources of income (wages, pension, social security and investments) against the reality of their current and future spending over time.

While the analysis and conclusions provided by the FLA℠ is sufficient for most clients, some have a need for more complex and comprehensive financial planning.

For these clients we utilize MoneyGuidePro, a leading financial planning software firm in the fee-only financial planning marketplace. This allows us to deliver highly personalized and advanced financial plans including the following:

  • Goal Planning
  • Lifetime Income Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • College Costs Planning

For clients that have a need to “play with their numbers,” we have a client portal which gives them the ability to test their own “what if” scenarios.