Tell me what to do.

Helping your employees achieve their goals

Expertise really does make a difference.

A study commissioned by Charles Schwab found that over 80% of 401(k) plan participants want professional investment management and advice to help them manage their 401(k) account. Stated another way, they don’t want to be told what they could do, they want someone to do it for them.

And who can blame them? Participants who used fiduciary investment advice and services earned 2.92% more per year than “do it yourself” investors. [1] A 2015 study released by Vanguard found similar results.[2]

We can help your employees achieve their goals.

Serving as your plan’s ERISA §3(21) Participant Investment Adviser, our team of salaried investment advisers will provide plan participants with detailed, personalized, and objective investment advice during one-on-one enrollment meetings and periodic worksite service visits.

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