Make widgets, not investment decisions.

Outsource liability for plan investment decisions

As a CEFEX-certified Investment Adviser, we are uniquely capable of serving as your plan’s ERISA §3(38) Plan Investment Manager – the gold standard for plan level investment services.

This gold-standard is in stark contrast to the less comprehensive ERISA §3(21) Plan Investment Adviser or “co-fiduciary” investment services offered by many other firms. Engaging FFH to serve as your plan’s ERISA §3(38) Plan Investment Manager provides the greatest level of protection for your company, its owners and executives, and employees sitting on the plan’s investment committee.

That is because under ERISA, the §3(38) Investment Manager becomes “solely” responsible for the selection, monitoring and replacement of plan investment options as well as all aspects of the fiduciary process, such as developing the plan’s Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”).

Under this ERISA §3(38) service arrangement, the Plan Sponsor and other plan fiduciaries are relieved of the responsibility for the Investment Manager’s decisions while still retaining a residual duty for the oversight of the plan. In other words, there’s still a duty to keep eyes and ears open and ask questions.