Ignorance is not a defense.

We can help you avoid fiduciary landmines

Most plan sponsors and trustees have a “blind spot” regarding their fiduciary responsibilities and liability and are unaware that they can be held liable and personally financially responsible for violating or allowing others to violate the various provisions of ERISA. This exposure applies regardless of knowledge, intent, or whether the plan was actually harmed or not.

Adding to this risk is the fact that when the Department of Labor is auditing a plan, they look for evidence that the plan sponsor and trustees have taken steps to educate themselves. And, if the DOL identifies compliance shortfalls within the plan, the absence of any evidence of fiduciary education will be a problem.

Fiduciary Firewall Consulting℠ can provide plan sponsors and trustee committee members with a full range of pragmatic fiduciary education and training programs that will develop the necessary degree of applicable fiduciary knowledge.